Tuesday, July 29, 2008


For those of you that didn't know, the Internet at the hospital has been out for over a week and I do apologize for the delay. With that said so much has happened that once again it is going to be impossible to catch everyone up on everything.

I have told some of you through email and maybe a phone conversation or two about the little girl I found in the mountains. It was in the middle of the survey and because of strict protocol in selecting houses it was a miracle that we stumbled upon sweet little Guerline. All the guys from the team were exhausted and were reluctant to stick to the protocol because of the distances you tend to travel in the mountains between houses. We climbed up and down the hillsides and threw the river beds until we reached this structure, Guerline's home, that looked as if one swift wind could send it to the ocean.

Guerline was inside the house and we didn't actually get a look at her until the mother had begun the survey answering basic questions about their location and home. I wondered over to the door of the house and peered in to find little Guerline there lifeless on a piece of cloth as her bed. It had to have been close to 90 degrees inside the house and she looked as if her lips hadn't felt the cool touch of water in days. She was lifeless and struggled to even maneuver her eyes to see who this stranger was in her house!! Of course, I immediately knew that we would be taking her with us to the hospital in the morning to begin protocol to hopefully bring her back to life.

When we found Guerline she was a little over a year and a half old but weighed less than some newborn babies in the states. At a little over 8 pounds there was hardly anything to her but skin and bones. Needless to say, it broke my heart!! The mother of Guerline new that she was sick but didn't have the money or means to seek help. Like I said before, it was a miracle that we found sweet little Guerline that day.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of her state when she was first brought into the hospital, but, honestly, I would want to spare most of you guys the heartache!! Thankfully the best thing about my story is the ending. 

The following morning after we had discussed logistics with the mother and father that we would pay for transportation, treatment, and etc. They pack their belongings put on their nicest clothes and carried Guerline 3 hours over three mountains to rendezvous with our driver where we hand another hour and a half drive back to the hospital. 

We just sent Guerline and her mother back home last week because she has made so much progress!! The mother is suppose to return to the hospital tomorrow to pick up more food, but if we see nothing of her by Friday I am headed back up to take supplies!! I think it is safe to say the Guerline stole my heart and I already told Kara, the program manager, that if her parents don't live through the time I spend here I am bringing here home...haha!!

The more she ate the more her personality began to reveal itself!! Everyday for about 10 days we would check on her progress multiple times a day and saw with our own eyes her growth and what was basically a "rebirth" of a beautiful Haitian girl full of personality and life!! The last day she held my fingers in the palms of here little hands and wanted to walk all over the hospital room laughing and smiling from ear to ear!! It was incredible...there is really no other way to describe it!!

Thanks for the prayers and be encouraged...


The O'Briens said...

WOW. I am speechless. I think if you brought her home, the family would be unbelievably excited! In all seriousness, we take so much for granted. I am so glad the internet is up so you could share this story. Amazing.

We saw your folks this weekend, it was great to see them. Your mom told me about this calling card thing so we could use your cell number, but I haven't quite figured it out. I would love to call you, but I don't really know how to do that.

Love and prayers to you, Dawg!

Keith said...

Hi Nathan, We ARE ENCOURAGED; we can tell by your smile that God is using you in big ways. We are sharing this journey in love and prayers. HOPE FOR HAITI> MOMMA

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I am in my office crying happily for you and to God for that little beautiful girl. I can feel the hot temp. and smell Haiti, visualize your hike to her home and see her in that hospital. All smells and sounds and the feel of Jesus. I am so proud of you. susie

Bek said...

Hey Nathan,
I have loved reading your blog. What you are doing is amazing and love hearing all about it. And that little girl is precious, I would have fallen in love with her too.. Hope all is well..You're in my prayers!

hepperson said...

I am crying at a computer in the middle of Arusha, Tanzania reading this beautiful and touching story about the little girl who God brought back to life through your hands, i have no words!!! I am so proud of you and cant wait to read more of your blog. I know you are learning so much and your heart seems to be broken by the hands of Jesus in a way you cant describe. i am beginning to understand a bit of this brokeness as i work in this baby home in africa and can only say that it is indescribable. i will be praying for you my sweet friend, love hal

the Watlingtons said...

I am crying as I type.....the Lord had a vision for you from the beginning of my constant encouraging words about your abilities for Haiti (or were they nagging words?!.....I was not going to let it go and now we all know why! God used "the mouth of the South" , that would be me, and now look at what the Sovereign Lord is doing through you in Haiti!! Amazing.....
I cannot wait to hug your neck next week and experience all of Haiti again. We are finalizing the packing and I think Mitch and I talk 3 times a day!
I'm so very proud of you. I'm in awe of what the Triune God is doing....like how in the world did you know to look around the corner or go to that particular house, except for the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Love you, Deb Watlington
PS....are you coming to meet us at the PAP airport?

the Watlingtons said...

I just had to look at this photo one more time....I need a copy of this to put in a frame! You are the best. I'll see you Sat. in Leogane. I'm bringing hugs from your mama!
love, love,

The Segrest Family said...

what an awesome picture.
if you need to bring her home, i will take her. im not kidding.