Wednesday, August 27, 2008


To all those that have been praying for us, Thank You...

Gustav was tangled in the mountains before it reached us, therefore, the winds had dwindled to gusts of 40+ mph. On the other hand, the rain has been unrelenting and I can only begin to imagine the damage He has left in his wake. 

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti...with no waste management or sanitation services you can only imagine what rising water levels must mean!! Please pray for manageable sized epidemics, or better yet, none at all!!

Briefly, on our ride over in the landcruiser I witnessed what you would only imagine seeing in a magazine or the movies. The roads, or what use to be roads, where all rushing rivers!! For those of you that have visited Leogane, all the roads running from the main highway into the city have transformed into funnels for the outpouring of water from the mountains. In some places the water levels exceeded 4 feet!! We have heard from CNP staff in Darbonne that the water levels could be higher and they are experience some difficulties. All in all, the CNP staff, that we know, is safe and sound. But, I have a feeling that the work is just about to begin. 

I didn't have an opportunity on the way over to capture any photos, therefore, I leave you with one of my favorite areas of Leogane (the banks of the Grand Rivye). Thanks again for all your prayers and I will do my best, as always, to keep everyone posted!!


The O'Briens said...

Glad you're safe...looks like Gustav may head this way, too. I know it won't be anything compared to what you have seen though. Stay dry!

the Watlingtons said...

Nathan, so glad you and Kara are safe. Your mom has kept us updated... cell phones are so wonderful.
NBC News tonight showed scenes in Haiti and the riverbeds, I'm sure much like the one we drove through, are raging.
Our LMPC Haiti trip , Feb 14-21 2009, is already full! We will be bringing a new force of willing servants.
We are so proud of you and your committment to serve Jesus with your life in Haiti. It's exciting to watch this story unfold. I'm thankful you are strong , healty and have a servant's heart!
We are praying all over you!!
Deb and Rob

Keith said...

God Bless you and give you strength, health and wisdom to serve Haiti during this difficult time. You are their vision of HOPE! We know His Grace will be Amazing. MOM And DAD

em g said...

i'm so glad to hear that you're safe! when i heard haiti on the news i had a little geography lesson trying to figure out where you were and where it hit.
everything i found was in kilometers and i don't do kilometers well, so i'm so thankful you were able to update!
we are still praying for you!

D Brent Pierce said...

I haven't had much time to look at the rest of the blog(s), but I wanted to let you know that I'm amazed at all the good that you and the others are providing for the Haitians. I can tell that it is truly a life-changing experience for you. Stay safe my brother.

Regan said...

Praying for you brother. Love ya man. Hope Hana stays away from you guys. It looks like ole Gustav did enough.

Rebecca Michaels said...

Naney...i've been so bad about keeping in touch with you. know that your sis does love and care for you! i'm glad that you are safe and i have been thinking about you alot lately! praying for you!

Eric Ellis said...

You're running after your dream and it's so encouraging what God can do through one passionate person. Can't wait to join your effort next Jan. The story of Guerline capturing your heart brought tears. Keep running the race. I'm praying.


the Watlingtons said...

I think about you and pray for you everyday. My little Haiti soap stone cross is on my table, so even if my feeble mind forgets, I have a reminder. Our Feb 1-7 team is coming together, in fact , we are overflowing. The Lord is watching over his people in Haiti . You are valuable eyes and hands for our precious Haitian neighbors. The Watlingtons are so proud of you and your hard work! What an answer to prayer you are to so many are an incredible servant!
Hugs to you ,